Help make the Shyft toolbox better

We always need help improving documentation, preparing good examples and of course extending the code base.

The toolbox is developed for both Unix-like and Windows operating systems and therefore the code base is platform independent. The core code is written in C++ using Boost Python to enable interoperability in form of Python wrappers. Package shyft.dashboard provides web components and uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is based on the Python web visualization library Bokeh.

We group members of the Shyft community into several categories:

  • users are those interested in using Shyft for time-series, dashboard, energy-market or hydrologic analysis.

  • contributers are those who will explore the Python API and may contribute back to the project in the form of documentation and examples.

  • developers are those who are interested in the C++ core, and are interested in creating their own algorithms. Advance programming skills and familiarity are required.

Please check the Shyft wiki on our GitLab site for more information on how to participate in development.